A One-Stop Deli and Butcher Shop

Everyone has a dream of becoming something that they never thought they would be. Maybe they would dream of becoming president or even a king! Mario DiGangi, founder and president of Mario's Meats & Gourmet Deli, had a similar dream. Now, he is known as "The King of Italian Style Veal Cutlets & Homemade Sausage.” Let's take you back to how it all started.

Mario and his family lived in a town called Polizzi Generosa, located near Palermo, Italy. In 1971, Mario and his family came to America in hopes of a new life. Soon, they moved to a home in Brooklyn, New York.

Every day after Mario would get out of school, he would go work hard at Conti's Meat on Knickerbocker Avenue. Every Friday, Mario would deliver to Conti's customers. One particular customer knew that he would set his watch to the time promised, and Mario, without a doubt, would be on time.

After 3 years in Brooklyn, Mario and his family moved to Ridgewood, Queens. Without wasting any time, Mario found work at Joe's & Tony's Meat Market. Mario worked there for 9 years.

After 12 years of working with other meat markets, Mario decided to move ahead and start his own business. It is now 2010 and located on 75-55 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY 11379, Mario owns and runs his own butcher and deli shop for years now.

When you walk into Mario's Meats & Gourmet Deli, there are so many things you can't help but notice. One of the biggest things is the happy looks on all the workers' faces.

All the cooking is done on premises, and only the top-quality Prime and Black Angus meats are used. Whether you're ordering a sandwich from the gourmet deli or buying a pound of our famous veal cutlets, you get that same mom-and-pop feeling all around.

Mario's Meats & Gourmet Deli uses only the best meat around. Mario uses only Grade A Prime and Black Angus cuts of meat. The chicken used in the store is organic only. All orders are cut fresh for every single customer.

Everything is done the old school way; the only way Mario knows. Mario and his son Joe still go to the meat markets and hand-select every piece of meat they plan on serving the community with.

All meat that Mario and Joe purchase is in large pieces then broken down into smaller pieces. Along with everything else, Mario's Meats & Gourmet Deli makes their sausages and other Italian delicacies. The deli also has many different aspects to it.

Mario's Meats & Gourmet Deli offers daily menus and catering menus all year round. As mentioned before, all cooking is done on premises, and fully-prepared lunches and dinners can be found here.

Our prepared Italian sauces are also made fresh and ready to pick up. You have the choice between vodka, marinara, tomato, and Bolognese (meat sauce). We carry only Boar's Head and imported Italian cold cuts, imported cheese, and domestic cheese.

We also carry a complete line of Italian groceries with a vast selection of extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegar. Gift certificates and baskets are available for your convenience.